Gian-Carlo Coppola: Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Career

Gian-Carlo Coppola

Gian-Carlo Coppola was an American film producer. Coppola worked closely with his father, Francis Ford Coppola, on many of the latter’s award-winning movies. He played a minor role in his father’s 1972 crime film ‘The Godfather,’ which won three ‘Oscars’ at the 45th ‘Academy Awards.’ In 1986, he directed and edited a music video titled … Read more

Billy Raymond Burton: Bio, Age, Life, Career

Billy Raymond Burton

Billy Raymond Burton is a well known British child performer who is an actor and television personality. He is best known for being the son of Tim Burton, a film director and Helena Bonham Carter, a film actress. He is the son of very famous parents and has acted in his father’s films. Early Life … Read more

Nell Burton: Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Career

Nell Burton

Nell Burton is an English child actress who portrayed a Baby at Dock in Alice in Wonderland, a Girl at Station in Dark Shadows, and an Art Show Kid in Big Eyes. Burton is the daughter of Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter and the sister of Billy Burton. She is the daughter of very … Read more

Lena Gieseke: Bio, Age, Wiki, Career, Life

Lena Gieseke

Lena Gieseke is a German painter, academic, and special effects technician. She is mostly known for being the first and only wife of American filmmaker, artist, author, and animator Timothy Walter “Tim” Burton. She has more than 10 credits for visual effects in different movies and Television series. Early Life and Bio: Lena Gieseke Lena … Read more