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Since Skims Dress launched in September of 2019 customers can’t seem to get enough of it. Since 2019 it is growing and expanding its business rapidly all over the world. Skims is co-founded by Kim Kardashian and Jens Grade. Earlier the name of brand named ‘Kimono’ created a controversy, but later on Kim Kardashian relaunched the brand with name ‘Skims’.

Background: Skims Dress

Skims is a shapewear and clothing brand co-founded by Kim Kardashian and Jens Grade. In March 2022, Skims made it to TIME’s list of 100 most influential companies of the year 2022. Skims dresses comes under wide range of sizes range from XXS to XXXXXL. Also there products comes under nine different shades suitable as per individual’s skin tone. Skims has various collections include lingerie, lounge wear and the accessories like bras, underwear, shorts, tops, bodysuits, sweatpants, hoodies, sweaters and slides. Initially, brand used to sell its products through its website but now Skims clothing’s are available on various websites, you can buy them from Nordstrom too. Coadmin to years prison

Skims Winter Collection: Dress

Brand launched by Kim Kardashian offers a wide variety of sizes and shades appropriate to the skin’s tone. Many customers of Skims found the fabric of Skims Product buttery soft and stretchy yet stylish. Talking about Skims Cotton Collections, it’s very popular from the brand. Skims cotton collection comes under five core colours that is Bone, Mineral, Kyanite and Soot other than that there are seven additional seasonal hues like chocolate, Sedona, umber and rose clay. These collection comes under various sizes from XXS-4X.

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Skims Summer Collection

Skims summer collection is all what you need in your wardrobe in this summer. Indeed, skims summer collection is filled with pieces that have soft and stretchy, sheer mesh layers that contour every curve. The undergarments are so lightweight, with soft fabric, breathable and perfect for warmer weather.

Skims Dress
Class of Skims Dress

The summer collection comes under nine different styles that is the triangle bralette, brief, thong, high neck tank dress, scoop bralette, mock neck bodysuit, short, t-shirt, and mesh hoodie. It also comes under various sizes from XXS-4X.  

Why you should go for Skims?

A fashion brand that elevates the look of your everyday basic apparel it’s clear that Kardashian’s years of experience in the fashion industry paid off when she created this brand. No wonder why there is so much hype for Skims brand. Skims make you provide shapewear in nine different shades considering your skin colour. Doesn’t matter if you are having dark colour skin tone or pale skin, Skims are available in different shades suitable to all skin tones from fairer to darker. Not only shades but Skims merchandise also has a wide range of sizes available in shapewear. Plus, Skims charge same for its extended size range like smaller sized merchandise. It makes it stand different from other brands which usually charge high for extended sizes. Skims brand encourages body positivity, embracing all skin tones and sizes. There are many few brands who provide such wide varieties in shapewear like Skims does.

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